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We are a dedicated team, passionate to share what we have learned and proud to see our students set sail on their own.

equipa3"We are everyday moved by the passion for what we do. We want that whoever chooses to sail with us has the best possible experience, individual attentitio to their needs as well as boats with hight end quaity and equiment. We want above all to do better everytime we hoist our sails.

Choosing West Coast is also to choose an operator who cares about your safety at sea and works beyond the minimum legal requirements for operating on the water.

A solid Team that, since 2006, knows how to stand by you both on the water and ashore."

- Vítor Dias

Our Skippers

These Guys Run the Place

team vitor

Vítor Dias
Co-Owner / CEO
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor / RYA Training Centre Principal

team fernando

Fernando Livro
RYA Chief Instructor / Operations


Our Dedicated Team

Our super isntructors and back office team

team andre

André Chermont
Instructor / Comercial & Admin

team rui

João Barradas
Comercial & Admin

team filipe

Catarina Ferlov 
Comercial & Admin

team joao

João Gouveia

team filipe

Filipe Vieira

team joao

João Piteira 
team alvaro

Álvaro Santos

team ricardo

Ana Trindade

team ricardo

Hugo Guia


We Want to Know Your Opinion

We value your opinion and advise !

Wether it is a suggestion to improve on our operations or something you would like to change in a course...

We want to listen and implement.

It is with this approach that we have been able to permanently improve in the last 12 years.