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Every year about 4500 people request the “Commercial Endorsement” so they can use their qualifications RYA/MCA to work professionally as skipper or crew.

The RYA/MCA qualifications are amongst the most recognized internationally to work professionally in nautical.

Some of the functions, among others, ares:
list Skipper or transport crew
list RYA instructors (sail and/or motor)
list Skippers or charter crew
list Mega Yacht crew
list Deck Hands
list Work-Boat Skippers
list RIB Drivers
list Corporate Skippers

Apart of what you do on board, from the moment you work at sea you’re considered a professional sailor. The laws that rule a commander of a cruise ship are not that different from the ones that you have to respect as a professional sailor/skipper. No matter of what you’re doing there’s always a “duty of care” to the crew, passengers and other sailors and you’ll be the responsible one if things go wrong.

The RYA PPR (Professional Practices & Responsibilities) provides an introduction and knowledge respecting to this responsibilities and since April 2012 one of the requirements to get the “Commercial Endorsement” of any RYA/MCA competence certificate. And if some of the teaching are specific for those who work on “MCA Coded” vessels, the truth is that this regulations respect the international pacts and most generally are applied internationally.

The main goals include the presentation of the relevant legislation including SOLAS, COSWOP, MARPOL, Flag State, Port State Authorities and the Code of Practice. Rather than simply decorate regulations the goal of the course is to provide clues so you can search information sources and take the best decisions at each moments.

This course is taken only by distance learning. It’s a course entirely developed by the RYA but managed by the recognized schools. West Coast will always be at your disposal to support you and answer all your questions.

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