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FAQ - Experiences

What is a Romantic Cruise?

crom5Is a tour on a cruising vessel that takes approximately 2 hours accompanied by a qualified skipper.

The route includes a sailing tour in front of the Estoril Shore or Belém. You may just relax during the tour or participate in the handling of the boat, hoisting sails, taking the wheel and sail both of you into the horizon.

If you wish you may even get an additional bottle of champagne on board to make it an unforgettable experience. There is also the “Romantic VIP Cruise” which differs from the “Romantic Cruise” because it takes place on a larger vessel, more luxurious and comfortable.

What is a Sailing Baptism?

DSCF8612The Sailing Baptism is an opportunity to experiment the thrill of sailing without the need to subscribe on a sailing course.

The Baptism takes approximately 2 hours sailing and you’ll have the chance to get used to the vessel and participate in the handling of the boat.

Usually you’ll have the chance to learn some knots and basic sailing maneuvers like tacking and gybing. If the weather conditions allow it you may experience taking the wheel and take charge of the vessel!

There are especially dedicated days to sailing baptisms in which all the crew will have their first sailing experience. Alternatively you may also integrate a sailing class with other sailors that will help you during your first steps.

Until where do we go during a tour?

That’s hard to tell. Sailing depends on the wind strength and intensity and direction of the tides. With moderate wind it will be possible to go until the Tour of Belém or leave the bar of the river towards Cascais.

However, on Sailing Baptisms, Go Sailing or Learn to Sail, most important than the distance is the opportunity to experience sailing, participate in all the maneuvers, hoisting sails, taking the wheel and feel comfortable on board.

On the other hand, on the Romantic Cruises where the maneuvers aren’t the mail goat objective but the tour itself, we can cheat a little bit and use the engine to help in case we have less wind!

Your skipper, before leaving the dock, will indicate the best course to take according to the wind conditions and tides of the day. Some days it makes diference the direction to be taken from Oeiras so the “crew” will argue and choose the favorite course.

What type of clothing should I take?

We recommend soft soled shoes and with good grip (sailing shoes, sneakers). Clothing should be as much comfortable as possible and normal for the season of the year in which the activity takes place.

An extra windbreaker or coat is recommendable because at sea the wind chill factor is low since we’re constantly exposed to the wind (even in summer).

After you book you will receive an email confirming your activity with all the required information that incudes a detailed description about what you should take. Read carefully the list and get in contact with us in case you have any question.

Always avoid earrings, high heels and clothing less practical. Usually sports clothing is enough and on board you’ll find always some jackets or spare clothing in case it’s necessary.

Do boats capsize?

No. Cruising vessels, instead of dinghies, don’t capsize because they have a keel that is responsible for the vessel balance.

For example, the G7.25 weights 1250Kg of which 600Kg are concentrated on the lead keel! Vessels are equipped with a ballast system rather high (keel) that lowers the centre of gravity and balances the vessel. To capsize a vessel of this type would be necessary to be on a great storm with huge waves, that never occurs on the river.

Every time weather conditions don’t allow for sailing your skipper may cancel and re-schedule your outing for safety reasons.

How many people are on board?

crom1In case of the Romantic Cruise or Romantic VIP Cruise only 2 people are on board plus the skipper. The idea is that it’s totally exclusive to the couple so the vessel will always be reserved for you!

In case of Sailing Baptisms, the Go Sailing or Learn to Sail can go on board from 3 to 6 people. It will depend on the vessel. On this experiences you may even occasionally be placed on crews with more advanced students of the sailing school and of course, always with your skipper/instructor on board.

On the Sailing School courses are organized and thought ideally for 3 students on bard plus the skipper. West Coast is the school working with this reduced ratio assuring a customized learning and more efective.

So, even if it’s possible to place 4 students plus the instructor usually you’ll find always a ratio 3 : 1 on sailing courses

In case of bad weather? Do I have to take the tour?

Of course not! We want you to enjoy a great moment and in case of bad weather, we re-schedule your tour for another day.

For this reason we always ask for your phone number so we’re able to contact you in a fast way in cane of need.

Yet, if you like adventure where rain and wind are not a problem, we assure you that you’re skipper gets along with water and your sailing tour will include an extra thrill!

Where should I go when I arrive ate the marina?

When you confirm your tour, wee’ll send you an email with a map showing the meeting place and how to arrive at our shop (check below). west Coast has a a shop really easy to find at the Oeiras Yachting Harbor.

If you get lost you can always give us a call so we can help you.

porto_recreio_oeirasOeiras Yachting Harbor offers access to an outstanding water plan. It offers modern infrastructure with restaurants, shops, showers, parking and boatyard all in a stunning location between Lisbon and Cascais.

Around the marina, you will find several high quality beaches, and ocean swimming-pool and a cycle path by the water.

Its strategic location at the mouth of the river Tagus allows you to experience the Atlantic or otherwise look for the more protected and tidal waters of the river.

It's proximity to Cascais and Lisbon (about 6nm each) as well as the quick exit towards the south for destinations like Sesimbra are also a solid advantage.

{mosmap kml='http://www.westcoast.pt/images/Porto_Recreio_Oeiras.kml'}
Coordenadas GPS: N38º40.580 W009º19.109

In case I’m pregnant can I take a course?

No, to avoid any risk for the life of the fetus, West Coast doesn’t allow pregnant passengers or practitioners.

Passengers must communicate an eventual pregnancy when they pretend to book an experience or subscribe to a course.

Even in case of a very recent pregnancy, must not embark onboard of a vessel.

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