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FAQ - Member's Club

How does the Member’s Club works?

bavaria32 5 CascaisJust like when you sign up in a gym. You choose a location near you, pay a monthly price, use the vessel and when you’re finish just have to wash it.

All this without the responsibilities associated to being an owner (tying up capital, marina costs, insurances, maintenance, cleaning, fueling).

You just have to sail and pay a monthly payment that is little more than the mornings price of the vessel.

PYou can quit with a pre-warning of only 2 months (with any other commitment) and you have the right to 3 usages during weekends and 7 usages during weekdays (the so called slots). And all the “Last Minute” bookings (with 24 hours in advance) are unlimited. So if the vessel is available you can use it!

We assure an online booking system (own software) and that the vessel is clean and ready tu cruise when you arrive at the harbor. So the access to “your” vessel is independent because you have the boat key and a marina card.

Simple and flexible!

How does the subscription works?

Through a monthly subscription each Member assures an utilization of a vessel top of the range for at least 10 times a month, adding unlimited use in a “Last Minute” regime (all the bookings made with less than 24 hours before the utilization).

Credits that you don’t use in a month (for example, if you have been outside the country or just simply in case if you didn’t have the time to sail) accumulates for the next month. If in a particular month you wish to sail more (the wind is great!) you can use the credits from the following month “borrowing” from your next credits.

Request us the draft contract so you get to know all the operation details of this unique system and largely used in the United States, Spain and England.

To reserve you just have to access the software, book and go to the marina. within 3 clicks you’re cruising.

How to book?

Bookings can be done online at any moment on your computer or smart phone.

A software is permanently available online so you can check availabilities and do your bookings at any time.

Besides a calendar with an intuitive booking system you have at your disposal a forum (to invite the remaining members to integrate your crew for example or even to offer as a crew member) and also to check your credits, used and available.

You’ll get a password to exclusive access to our website from the moment you subscribe. Within 3 clicks you have your booking and you’re cruising.

How far in advance can I do the reservation?

You can reserve up to 9 months in advance.

This means for example that in January you can do any reservation until September (inclusively). The software allows it automatically.

And you can change the reservations at any time. There is only a penalization for changes later than the 96 hours prior to te time of usage.

Can I cancel a reservation without loosing the right of that outing?

Yes as long as you cancel it with at least 96 hours in advance. If you cancel it after the 96 hours prior to your outing you’ll loose the right to your credit.

To cancel a reservation you just have to access the software and cancel it with 3 clicks.

It is quite simple because all the reservation system is done through the software that is accessible from any computer or smartphone.

And you’ll always receive an email confirming the operation you just did.

Quem Controla as Reservas?

There is yet no translation available for this page. Please contact us for further information. Our sincere appologies the inconvenience.

members1 entrada smallO sistema (software de marcações) é totalmente autónomo - pode aceder a qualquer hora do dia 365 dias por ano.

As regras de funcionamento estão no sistema pelo que este controla e regista os créditos de cada membro. Sempre que fizer uma marcação receberá também um email de confirmação na sua caixa de correio.

Mas o nosso escritório controla e re-confirma diariamente todas as reservas e entra em contacto consigo sempre que for necessário pois recebemos avisos automáticos sempre que há uma marcação ou cancelamento. Isto assegura-lhe também que o veleiro estará impecável quando o for utilizar.

Em caso de falha do software poderá fazer a sua reserva pelo telefone (nunca aconteceu até hoje!) para que nunca deixe de poder velejar.

Can I accumulate credits for the next month?

Yes you can accumulate what you didn’t use one month forward.

A similar system to the minutes packages on the mobile phones tariffs - what you didn’t use the actual month can be used on the next.

However, if you don’t use this credits on the following month of the month which they belong are given as lost. Your account accumulates automatically this availabilities and you can check them and book them at any time.

When you do your bookings the system allows you to choose which credits you’re going to use, giving you the option to use the credits from the previous month to accumulate with the credits of the actual month.

How many people can I take on board?

bavaria32 6 SeixalTo the maximum capacity of the vessel.

For example the capacity of the Bavaria 32 cruiser is 6 people so you invite up to 5 passengers for your outing. Just like you would do on your own vessel.

We emphasize yet that it’s not allowed to navigate alone and at night during the first year of subscription of the Member’s Club and West Coast has the right to keep this restriction according to the capacities of each sailor.

That’s why it’s so important to assure that you have a crew and in case you need one we can help requesting crew to our sailing school community that can be a great help.

Can I borrow the vessel to a friend?

No. The subscriber is always responsible and must always be on board.

You may however subscribe the Duo option that allows you to share a usage quota with a friend, sailing together or independently.

Yet you can never borrow the vessel to friends. Violating this rule is one of the reasons to exclude from the club because it is a very important issue and concerns to the responsibility of each one on board.

Contact us to get more information about the “Duo Option” and how you can share a set of credits with a friend.

Can I sleep aboard?

bavaria32 cruiserYes of course since the vessel allows it and you have booked the vessel for the night period

You must always be aware the time of arrival and remember that:

list The vessel exchange is always done in the base marina, except when there are special activities done by West Coast

list Base marina costs are always included in the monthly payment however costs beyond the base marina are born by the user. For example, if you’re going to spend 2 days in the Marina of Cascais, the costs have to be born by you as if it was your vessel;

list Whenever you sleep aboard it´s mandatory to use sheets over the beds. You may use your own bedding or request us to place them (additional costs).

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